For Chef Patissiere Angela Garcia, It’s Sweet Dreams with New Lovely Daze Special Edition Book: ROSE

You won’t find a food stylist in the credits for this cookbook. But there is eye candy, of a different kind.

In Lovely Daze Special Edition Book: ROSE, pastry chef Angela Garcia explores the ingredient rose in dessert recipes paired with drawings and paintings by artist Cristina Rodriguez.

The beautiful collection will be unveiled internationally this weekend at the Tokyo Art Book Fair and will be available for $15 online here in about two weeks. Both Angela and Cristina are of Colombian decent and currently based in Miami.

The confections are whimsical, the stuff of fairy tales and myths, likely to be gobbled up by ethereal forest nymphs and to tempt the mortal sweet tooth. From dark chocolate fondant with rose oil to rose crème brûlée and raspberry, lychee and rose marmalade, one could certainly envision Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette indulging her court – or hairdo! – with these decadent nibbles. Or perhaps Alice in Wonderland may have encountered such singular delicacies at the Mad Hatter’s tea party? Left to the imagination, manifestations of the desserts and their appeal are equally enhanced.

Publisher Charwei Tsai, a Taiwanese artist based in New York, completes the picture; her biannual art publication, Lovely Daze, is the inspiration for Angela’s local business, the Lovely Daze Dessert Bar. Charwei’s sixth issue will release this fall and is themed after Gertrude Stein’s famous verse: “Rose is a rose is a rose is rose.”

“Cristina and I were inspired by this quote to start the project,” Angela says of the beginnings of this, her first book. “The rose macaron is my signature dessert. I naturally had an inclination towards the project, and it was easy to extend this recipe into other rose-inspired confections.”


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