• Special Edition 3 : Of Ease & Euphoria

    Special Edition 3 : Of Ease & Euphoria

    For “Lovely Daze Special Edition: Of Ease & Euphoria,” we are pleased to present a collection of photographs dedicated to the cultural vibrancy and diversity of the Caribbean region of Colombia by native photographer Joaquin Sarmiento. This six-year photographic journey (2004~2010) takes us through some of the rarely visited areas of the country ranging from…

  • Special Edition 2 : Rose

    Special Edition 2 : Rose

    “Lovely Daze Special Edition: Rose” presents a collection of delicious recipes by pastry chef Angela Garcia, with drawings by artist Cristina Rodriguez.

  • Special Edition 1 : Under Influence

    Special Edition 1 : Under Influence

    “Under Influence” – collaboratively envisaged with Talents, a collection of short films and videos curated by Joanna Chevalier – is a special edition adaption of the publication. The cooperative synergy of two unique visual mediums attempts to draw readers into a universe of nostalgia and unexpected spells.