Aiemagazine – CHARWEI TSAI show opening.17th of May

Charwei and I were introduced at Harry’s Bar one gloomy winter night. She was as shy as a monk – I – loud as a clown, and our friend Seth, from Li Inc N.Y.C whom we owe this moment too, was possibly nervous of the outcome of this encounter; yet everyone found a good balance, as Harry’s side cars, and Cosmo’s warmed that freezing Parisian evening.

Charwei is a N.Y / TAIWAN / PARIS based artist and she founded LOVELY DAZE. Her art based magazine was launched at the Whitney Museum in N.Y.C with Lizzie Bougatsos from Gang Gang Dance coming along to perform. Colette Paris is a supporter, so is Printed Matters NYC where you can get your hands on a copy. Charwei is showing at DEYROLLES on the 17th of May.

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