Above Second : Lovely Daze Issue 8

Cover by G.R. Iranna

Lovely Daze is a curatorial journal of artist’s writings and artworks published by artist Charwei Tsai (risd ’02) twice a year in limited editions. Issue 8: Pilgrimage takes the reader through a journey of Nature, Death, and Light, in search of what is beyond the self.

This collection of works begins with painting of Buddhist monks marching through unstable grounds by G.R. Iranna, photographic images of a parade through death and torture by CHEN Chieh-Jen, pages from travel journal by Mark Borthwick, an eclipse transitioning in colors by Peter Coffin, and a spill of sarcasm by Wilfredo Prieto.

Other featured artists in this issue are: Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Yukinori Maeda from Cosmic Wonder, Domingo Milella, Kyoko Murase, Annie Ratti, Chi-tsung Wu, and Yuan Goang-ming Yuan.

Contributing Editors: Kelly Carmena, Lesley Ma, Cristina Rodriguez, and Sabrina Lea Finlay

Available at Printed Matter
195 Tenth Avenue, NYC 10011


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