Special Edition 3 : Of Ease & Euphoria

For “Lovely Daze Special Edition: Of Ease & Euphoria,” we are pleased to present a collection of photographs dedicated to the cultural vibrancy and diversity of the Caribbean region of Colombia by native photographer Joaquin Sarmiento. This six-year photographic journey (2004~2010) takes us through some of the rarely visited areas of the country ranging from the remote deserts of La Guajira to the lush landscape near Cartagena and diversity of the Caribbean region of Colombia.

Special Edition 2 : Rose

“Lovely Daze Special Edition: Rose” presents a collection of delicious recipes by pastry chef Angela Garcia, with drawings by artist Cristina Rodriguez.

Special Edition 1 : Under Influence

“Under Influence” – collaboratively envisaged with Talents, a collection of short films and videos curated by Joanna Chevalier – is a special edition adaption of the publication. The cooperative synergy of two unique visual mediums attempts to draw readers into a universe of nostalgia and unexpected spells.

Issue 4 : Numbers

Issue 4 explores the ways in which Numbers influence us as value systems such as time, distance, temperature, size, money, population, and religion.

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