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NY Art Book Fair: Focus on East Asia Artists’ Books in Tokyo, Taipei and Seoul

From the popularity of the Tokyo Art Book Fair and emergence of contemporary publication in Taipei to the expansion of artist networks in Korea, this session will explore the practice and diffusion of artists’ books throughout East Asia by examining this unique cultural context, its local perspectives, artistic trends, and recent exhibitions. Participants include Juk

Stopping For a Moment: The Art of Charwei Tsai

FOR HER MOST recent work Charwei Tsai has amassed a large pile of white feathers. The pile is placed on a circular mirror and heaped up to about half a meter high and one meter across. Down is mixed with wing feathers to make the whole pile seem fluffy and insubstantial. Were this not inside

The Written Image: Millennium Magazines

Since the first photocopier made the proliferation of text-image projects possible on a grassroots scale—that is, to starving artists and writers—the artist magazine has been an integral part of street-level self-promotion and a uniting force in the literary and visual arts. Over the years new technologies have elevated the form past its folded, stapled, black-and-white

Millenium Magazines

Throughout the twentieth century, innovations in international avant-garde visual arts and design were often first expressed in the informal context of a magazine or journal. This exhibition, drawn from the holdings of The Museum of Modern Art Library, follows this practice into the twenty-first century, exploring the various ways in which contemporary artists and designers

Lovely Daze at MoMA

Lovely Daze at MoMA

Event Watch: Triple-Major + Isis Gallery “Nomad Store” (London)

Founded in Beijing in 2010, the multi-brand retailer Triple-Major has quickly become one of China’s most interesting and active go-to spots for young and fashionable urbanites. In addition to the exhibitions and special in-house collections and collaborations that regularly fill Triple-Major’s space on sleepy Baochao Hutong in the Chinese capital, Triple-Major has also carved out

Lovely Daze at London Newcastle

Lovely Daze at London Newcastle

Asymptote Journal: Ah!

“Ah” is a sacred sound that many major religions around the world embrace, e.g.: “A-llah “, “A-men”, “A-mitabah”, “A-lleluia”, and “A-OM”. The work aspires to connect a sense of inner peace that is within us all. See Original Article HERE